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My Personal Story of Reframing Chronic Illness and How I Found EVOX Perception Reframing

July 05, 20235 min read

Discover the path to a healthier and happier life through Joy's personal journey. From battling health issues to navigating divorce and financial stress, Joy found a groundbreaking solution. Learn how ZYTO EVOX Perception Reframing sessions empowered them to take charge of their healing process. Gain insight into the transformative effects experienced by Joy's coaching clients. Dive into this must-read article that highlights the significance of embracing your potential and letting go of expectations.

Introduction: A Journey to Find Better Health

Many who know me well, know that I live the cleanest and healthiest lifestyle of anyone and would even make celebrity health gurus jealous. The more surprising thing is what led me to this lifestyle; I felt sick.

From a young age I always had some kind of aches and pains in my body and as I grew older I had a growing laundry list of health issues. This put me on an endless search to feel better. I saw all types of practitioners, tried all of the diets, took loads of supplements and herbs, had vigorous exercise regimens, started a regular meditation practice, deeply explored myself mentally and emotionally; this exhaustive list goes on and on... Some things would help but symptoms would always slowly creep back.

Things got much worse with my health in 2018 after a divorce and extended time of living abroad nomadically. When I settled back in on the US mainland I turned my focus towards starting a business which added more chaos, stress and financial uncertainty to my life. I was exhausted and burnt-out and my body said "no more!!" What happened next was a full year of complete dysfunction with my health: I had constant body aches, headaches, brain fog, extreme fatigue, weakness and digestive issues. I was down for the count and no one knew what was wrong with me. I was baffled because I was also at the apex of my "healthy lifestyle". 

This year of severe illness pushed me to look deeper and think differently about my health and myself. I tried all the things that seemed to work for everyone else, but why didn't they work for me? I looked healthy from the outside, my blood work showed no issues and for a while I started to wonder if I was just crazy? This led me to my first therapy session. I wasn't getting anywhere with therapy, however a naturopath I was working with encouraged me to try "EVOX" instead. 

The Turning Point: Discovering ZYTO EVOX Perception Reframing

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Starting ZYTO EVOX Perception Reframing sessions was the turning point in my health. With each session I felt like I was unpeeling layers of an onion. Every layer was taking me closer to the roots of my issues physically, mentally and emotionally. I noticed that things that seemed like a huge deal before didn't bother me anymore. For example, I remember one distinct session I did on "pain" and my mysterious pain cleared up almost completely within the course of a week.  It was like my body was clearing out old beliefs about itself that I didn't need any more... (i.e. maybe I don't need this pain anymore?) I uncovered many other invisible self-limiting beliefs. I realized that deep down I believed "I am sick" and "I am weak." I saw myself as not good enough. With these sessions I was able to let go of those limiting beliefs and embody new empowering ones and watch them manifest in my overall wellbeing.

So, was all of this pain and suffering all in my head after all? I decided I was not crazy and my experience of pain and illness was real and valid. However, I found at a deeper layer this suffering was very much connected to subconscious patterning that was intricately tied to my thoughts, emotions and physical health. ZYTO EVOX Perception Reframing essentially helped me to rewire the subconscious patterns that were keeping me trapped in illness and pain.

What stood out to me about my own journey with this technology is that it allowed me to take control back into my hands. It accelerated my process of growth and healing. I recognized that it was not the machine doing the healing, but I was doing the healing! I recognized that my body was healing itself and I was simply becoming a truer version of myself as I let go of the subconscious conditioning that was no longer serving me and keeping me stuck.

Witnessing Transformation: Using ZYTO EVOX with Coaching Clients

Joy Dettling, Personal Story of Reframing Chronic Illness

If my own story was not evidence enough for me to realize how amazing the ZYTO EVOX technology is, it was when I started using it with my coaching clients that it really blew me away. I got to witness the diverse issues others would bring to their sessions. In addition to helping others with issues similar to mine I saw huge shifts in anxiety, depression, grief, self-confidence, career blocks, relationship issues and more. I saw personality shifts, speedy recoveries, and many lives transformed by using this technology. I found that I needed to coach people less and less because the ZYTO EVOX Perception Reframing sessions allowed people to come to answers on their own and the need for extra outside input was unnecessary.

I continue to love guiding others through the ZYTO EVOX Perception Reframing process. There are still many moments when I literally am in awe of my clients and the breakthroughs I get to witness. One of the greatest things I have learned is to completely let go of expectations of what our bodies and each individual is capable of based on the paradigms of conventional systems. We are each beautifully unique and dynamic human beings with limitless potentiality. I am grateful to engage daily with experiences that keep me in a state of awe and wonder!

I would love to share with you more about the amazing things that I have witnessed in others during my sessions, but I will save that for a future article; so stay tuned! In the meantime, you will find several testimonials based on these sessions in the reviews at the bottom of my Home Webpage here.

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Joy has been on a lifelong search for optimal health, well being and personal growth. With endless curiosity and a passion for understanding herself and the world around her, she has explored, researched and tried countless methods and tools on her journey of personal discovery.

Joy Dettling

Joy has been on a lifelong search for optimal health, well being and personal growth. With endless curiosity and a passion for understanding herself and the world around her, she has explored, researched and tried countless methods and tools on her journey of personal discovery.

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