EVOX Perception Reframing

Shift the subconscious with ZYTO EVOX,

an innovative healing frequency technology.

how does it work?

More and more, new scientific studies are showing how frequency has powerful effects on the human body. Every cell in our body is resonating at a specific frequency and these frequencies are used to communicate about processes and functions in the body. 

Certain frequencies are destructive and can result in emotional imbalance, negative thoughts and dysfunction in the body. Other frequencies are healthful and can create a clear mind, balanced emotions and increased healing rate.  

With EVOX, we will be discovering harmful frequencies in the body through the voice and offering them an opportunity to shift to a healthful frequency. As we talk about a chosen topic, the EVOX software will register subconscious stress patterns based on frequencies coming from your voice. 

Based on these patterns, our technology device (the ZYTO Hand Cradle) will deliver healing frequencies as you continue to concentrate on this topic. This process will continue until we recognize that the original subconscious stress patterns have cleared.

what do people notice?

It is very common for clients to notice a sense of peace, relaxation and clarity at the end of the session. 

However the deeper results tend to reveal themselves in the coming days and weeks following a session. The subtle, yet deep subconscious changes that occur during sessions often feel very natural. For some these changes are very obvious and observable and for others it takes a close eye to witness the long term effect of these changes. 

To notice these subconscious shifts, we instruct our clients to be curious as they move through life and familiar environments, relationships and situations. 

Many clients have reported noticing that they will respond to past stressful situations very differently; they may see more options than they did before, they may say different things than they usually do and it will all happen effortlessly and naturally. 

Things that used to be barriers for them start falling away and new solutions start presenting themselves. 

The overarching theme that all of our clients mention is that they feel more themselves. They feel more confident about being their authentic selves and more clear about their unique life path.

what does a session look like?

Each session can last anywhere from about 15 minutes to 45 minutes. 

The length of the session is determined by how long it takes your body to release the identified stress patterns.

The ZYTO Hand Cradle’s cutting-edge biofeedback technology allows us to scan your body after each session to ask how much rest time would be most effective before returning for another session. 

This interval between sessions can be anywhere from 1-10 days (which averages at 6 sessions per month).

receive sessions from the comfort of your home!

95% of our clients do these sessions remotely! 

To work remotely, all we have to do is send you a quick shipment with all the technology that you will need. 

To save our clients the cost of buying this equipment, we loan our equipment out this way in exchange for a deposit.


Working with Joy to create break through on some behaviors that were holding me back was very enlightening. Through the use of the EVOX device and her coaching, I was able to embrace some ideas and beliefs that were keeping me from moving forward. At first I didn’t completely understand the process, but after a couple of sessions with Joy, I am a believer. The bio-feedback received through the tool was instrumental in me gaining insight and acknowledging next steps. I highly recommend Joy as she is invested in both the process and her clients achieving the knowledge that will break through the barriers we have created for ourselves.

I have been working with Joy for the last several weeks and what a difference her practice and procedures have made in my life. As a business owner, I carry a lot of stress and anxiety, which really have been prevalent throughout my entire life. I also struggle with a lot of tension headaches. With Perception Reframing, I’ve been able to clear a lot out of my subconscious, making my conscious levels of interaction with others more meaningful and enjoyable. My anxiety levels have lessened and I have a new perspective on stress and am learning to use it to positively impact my presence and motivation levels with work, family, and friends. It’s truly been a life changing experience and I am eternally grateful for Joy and the work she does helping others live a more meaningful life. Thank you, Joy!!


I saw Joy for EVOX Perception Reframing for a few months primarily for addressing anxiety but was open to other areas of my life that this technique could unblock and help heal. My body chose to go through the ancestral healing, which helped me understand and transmute psychological patterns of behaviors in my immediate family as well as bring understanding to my romantic relationships. It was spot on how the technique called out repeating negative emotions that passed down from generations before me to me. Once uncovered, I felt a better connection to my grandma that I don't get to see, I had a great, bonding conversation with my mom that unblocked a lot, and I felt a lot of relieve for my anxiety. Grateful for the experience.


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