The creation of Ignite Life revolves around the life experiences of our founder, Joy Dettling.

Joy has been on a lifelong search for optimal health, well being and personal growth.  With endless curiosity and a passion for understanding herself and the world around her, she has explored, researched and tried countless methods and tools on her journey of personal discovery.

After years of seeking solutions to her chronic health issues, Joy hit a brick wall when all areas of her life were in chaos, including health, career, moving, finances and relationships.  This led to a year of extreme illness.  Doctors could not find anything wrong with her, however she never gave up on her search for a solution.  This led to a deep and profoundly insightful exploration of herself.

What she came to realize was that everything she had been told would work was never getting to the roots of her issues.  Most commonplace solutions (medications, supplements, diets, exercise, therapy, even alternative remedies/methods) were only a temporary fix.  

Deep down, Joy knew that true vitality was her birth-rite and was on a quest to find it.

Joy realized that to get different results, she had to try a completely new way of looking at herself and a completely new approach to her health.  As she looked deeper, she found that there was an area to explore that was overlooked by almost everyone including conventional and alternative practitioners alike

What she discovered was that for true and lasting change to happen, there must be a shift on the subconscious level.  What was holding her back from healing was not a sickly body or her life circumstances, but instead the subconscious programming that she had built up over a lifetime.  It was as if she was holding onto invisible baggage that she had picked up from past life events and stresses  Most of these stresses her conscious mind had completely forgotten about.  What Joy found was that as long as her subconscious was clinging onto this baggage, her body was unable to heal and her life unable to move forward

After years of making countless conscious efforts to improve she never really did until she started working with the powerful methods that allowed her to shift on a subconscious level.  These are the methods that we offer today!

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