I Feel Wise.

I Am Wise.
June 3rd 2pm-4pm

I feel ____,

I am ____.  WORKSHOP Series

"I loved this event! To be deeply vulnerable in a space where other people are being vulnerable too was such a release for me. Afterwards I felt very light and free." -M.K.

Are you feeling lost or unsure about your path in life? Do you find yourself constantly seeking answers from external sources, only to feel even more confused?

It's time to tune inwards and tap into your inner wisdom!

Join us for an experiential workshop that delves into the power of intuition and how to amplify this natural ability. Through this exploration, you will learn how to differentiate outside influences from your inner knowing and certainty.

It's time to trust yourself and unlock the answers that have been inside you all along.

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to connect with your inner self and discover the path to true clarity and fulfillment.

Location: Michelle’s Academy of Dance 101 Appian Way, Brighton, MI  48116

$35-55 Suggested Donation

This guided exploration will take you on a journey to uncover the subconscious blocks that are holding you back. With a deeper understanding of your own innate power, you will learn how to identify these blocks and assist them in releasing.

Through the practice of embodiment, you will tap into the power of your physical and emotional body. You will discover that when you FEEL wise, you truly ARE wise. This is a transformative journey of self-discovery that will help you become the best version of yourself. Let’s unlock the potential that lies within you.

In this workshop, we will:

- Use unique frameworks that will allow us to see ourselves in a profoundly new way.  

- Follow a potent embodiment process that will rewrite old-self-limiting beliefs into a new, powerful and authentic way of being. 

-Unlock our intuition and tap into innate wisdom


In order to achieve true growth and healing, it is necessary to break free from old patterns and confront uncomfortable emotions. This process can be challenging, as it requires us to acknowledge aspects of ourselves that we may have been avoiding. But it is through this process that we can experience transformative change and reap the rewards of deep healing. Despite the potential for temporary discomfort, know that you will be guided through this process with love and care. And while the journey may be deep, it has been thoughtfully designed to be as effortless as possible. Trust in the process and take the first step towards a brighter, more fulfilling future

What to wear and what to bring:

We will be sitting on the floor for a portion of our experience, please bring a yoga mat and anything additional to sit on. (Please let us know if you need to be provided a mat or pillow). At times there will be an invitation for gentle movement that can be taken at your own pace. Wear comfortable clothing that will allow you move freely and to tune into your body without distraction.


ABOUT The "I Feel ___, I Am ___" Workshop Series

Each month we will be filling in the “blank” with a different positive intention.  Themes will include topics like: “I am powerful”, “I am calm,” “I am wise,” “I am loved,” “I am connected,” etc.  Topics will be announced one month in advance.  Each individual workshop will be powerful in its own right and the power of them will be amplified with each additional workshop attended as you add and strengthen in your new authentic self.   

This comes to you from the unique experience of Healing & Growth Facilitator, Joy Dettling.  Again and again, she has witnessed deep and fast transformation through the release of strong-held stress patterns from subconscious self-limiting beliefs.  Joy now facilitates a completely unique experience to activate this process from within in the context of a supportive group space.  

Common Questions


"It was a really transformative workshop! Thank you. I came out of it really feeling empowered and went into it feeling delicate."  -E.L.

"I loved this event. Just being able to be deeply vulnerable in a space where other people are being vulnerable too was such a release for me. Afterwards I felt very light and free." -M.K.

"It was an amazing experience. Joy created a safe space and made the room feel comfortable to be their authentic and raw selves. She artfully guided the room through self awareness, release, and acknowledgement of the power we hold within. I entered feeling timid and unsure but left feeling powerful and charged full of positive energy. This workshop was an amazing restart to a chaotic year. I look forward to the next workshop and continuing this journey of self discovery."  -C.H.

What if I have a physical disability?

Please come!  Our room is handicap accessible.  We have several chairs in the room and also several soft tumbling mats that are laid at the sides of the room. This entire experience can be done sitting or lying down if needed. Please bring anything additional you need with you and let us know any way that we can assist you. 

Can I bring my ________ with me?

You can bring anything you need to into the room with you whether that be props, blankets, water, etc.  We ask that street shoes, food and phones be left in the lobby. 

What if I need to wear shoes?

This event will be taking place in a dance studio. To keep the studio clean for their regular classes, we ask that street shoes be taken off. If you need the extra support of a shoe, please bring a pair that is dedicated to the indoors.  If you are coming for the first time and don’t have a pair of shoes like this, please clean the bottoms of your shoes thoroughly.

What if I cannot afford it?

We ask for a donation on a sliding scale of $25-45.  Please pay an amount that feels amazing for your body, mind and heart no matter where that lies on the scale.  We do have expenses to cover for running these events and also want to compensate for the care and energy given by our facilitators.  However, we also want to make this event possible for all to attend, so If $25 feels like too much at this time, please send us a message and we may have opportunities for an energy exchange.

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