ignite life mission

We help people who are ready to live life to its fullest, but have felt blocked by an invisible force. We have come to recognize this force as subconscious blocks and baggage. We use unique and potent technology, tools and methods to identify these blocks and release them so that you can embody your full potential.

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let’s get to know one another…

Here at Ignite Life, we hold a strong belief that each individual is beautifully unique and has limitless potential that is waiting to be unlocked. 

Founder Joy Dettling has always had an innate knowing that this potential and power is accessible for all humans and has been on an endless quest to find the most potent ways to help others achieve this.  

who do we help

We assist those who are aware that they are stuck or blocked from achieving their goals. Most of our clients report that they have struggled with their issue for years and tried everything but nothing has worked for them. We create raving fans of our clients as they get to witness their own personal transformation in a matter of months.

our unique approach

The subconscious is a powerful memory storage mechanism and holds onto everything we have ever experienced. When it is overloaded with information that no longer serves us, it can block us from optimal health, both physical and mental.

We have found that lasting change must include a shift on the subconscious level.  Our approach works even for those who have “tried everything” because most people have not done work on a subconscious level before. For those people, this work is the missing key!

the ignite life pledge

Our pledge is for our clients to have noticeable change in 30 days and experience life changing benefits in 90 days.

the Ignite Life Difference

We offer a completely new approach to personal growth and healing with a focus on effectiveness and efficiency.

We use only non-invasive and natural solutions that facilitate deep change, healing and growth. Working with us, often radically changes one's perception about the world, themselves and their ability to heal and change.

common problems we help

physical issues

Chronic health issues or pain even when no practitioner has been able to give a satisfying explanation or a working solution

emotional issues

Emotional imbalances like anxiety and depression. Our approach allows for stuck emotions like grief, resentment, anger, sadness or fear to move to a state of completion and relief.

mental issues

Issues related to brain fog, confusion, lack of focus and mental fatigue

relationship issues

Hopeless relationships where there seems to be no way out or any way to find compromise or connection

success / career issues

Struggling to get ahead, find clarity and certainty and overcome self-sabotaging patterns

confidence issues

Lack of self-esteem, self-acceptance, trouble with public speaking and leadership, social anxieties, trouble being oneself

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